Pierre Cardin

A special celebration for a visionary designer

Palazzo Corsini

Friday 10 January, Palazzo Corsini

Alternately a visionary couturier and confirmed businessman, Pierre Cardin is a personnality, a must into the fashion world of the last fifty years.
This is the reason why he is celebrated in Firenze today.

From Cosmonaut fashion to unisex, from the window-cut-out pinafore dress to the synthetic fiber moulded dress, Pierre Cardin seems deeply hungry of experiments. As displayed in his retrospective, the shapes build geometrical figures based on circles and triangles, their statuesque volume dictates the body to adapt.

A forerunner, keep in mind that Pierre Cardin in 1957 was the first couturier having shown a defile in a department store, having set up in China, having been elected to the Académie des Beaux-Arts and having been appointed Unesco’s goodwill ambassador. Innovator, he has never given up his creativity. His fashion is his testimony.