Pitti Discovery presents


Fashion & Underground in the Eighties

Stazione Leopolda

The ‘Eighties was a significant period of complex political, social and cultural transformation. For Italy was the decade of Made in Italy’s affirmation as the definition of a quality product in terms of form and content that found one of its most expressions in fashion. So, what were the Eighties, really?

The Exhibit. An array of “containers.” A Blade Runner city.
You'll enter the show through a black filter/space. It is dark, broken by a few luminous guide points, in which black containers face the viewer. Walking among the piles of containers, guided by light and music, you will discover the displays that hold the scenes and the glamour of those years of excess. A city of more than 40 containers with 100 garments and things, furniture, music and film not only from the glorious and muddy decade, and also from now, the Neo ‘80s.

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