Marc Ecko

One of the most cutting edge streetwear brand at Pitti Uomo

Mercato di San Lorenzo

Mercato San Lorenzo, 9 January 2004

(New York, NY) December 2, 2003: Next month the creator of the world-famous rhino brand, Ecko Unlimited, will introduce the Marc Ecko Collection for fall 2004. The Collection is a contemporary men’s line that will consist of two labels: Cut & Sew by Marc Ecko, and the Marc Ecko Collection.

 The runway show for the Collection, aptly themed “Drop Out,” will headline Pitti Uomo—the biannual menswear conference held in Florence, Italy. The Mercato Centrale di San Lorenzo, a marketplace built in 1874 by Giuseppe Mengoni, will host the show. It’s the first time this historical landmark has been used for a fashion event.

Ecko Unlimited recently celebrated its tenth anniversary prompting Marc Ecko to create a clothing line of tailored designs for men who don’t want to sacrifice their youthful sensibility. “Ever since I dropped out of college, I’ve been waiting for a situation that requires a smart blazer,” says Ecko. “When it finally happened I couldn’t find one in my closet that reflected my style. That’s when I knew I had to help out all the guys like me.”

Both labels will feature casual and dress separates that blend the street-inspired, edginess of Ecko Unlimited with more sophisticated designs and fabrics. The Marc Ecko line—abbreviated M.E.—will consist of: semi-tailored separates; sweaters; urban, spa-inspired active wear; woven shirts and premium denim.

Cut & Sew, the Collection’s premier brand, will set a new benchmark for streetwear. It will include: blazers; full-zip, hooded, cashmere sweatshirts; woven shirts; Italian and Japanese denim and hand-embroidered t-shirts and pajama sets featuring designs by artist Todd James (a.k.a. Reas).

About Marc Ecko Enterprises
Marc Ecko founded Ecko Unlimited, the world-famous rhino brand in 1993. In ten years the company has expanded to include: Ecko Unlimited, Eckored, Ecko Function, Marc Ecko Leather, Marc Ecko Watches, Marc Ecko Scopes, Marc Ecko Storage, Marc Ecko Footwear, and Ecko Kids. Marc Ecko Enterprises also includes the G-Unit Clothing Company (a joint venture with multi-platinum musician, 50 Cent), Zoo York (a line of skateboards and skater-influenced clothing and accessories), Femme Arsenal (an upscale line of women’s clothing, accessories, and cosmetics), and Physical Science (a line of men’s clothing and accessories made exclusively for Target stores). The company also publishes Complex magazine, a young men’s consumer magazine with a rate base of 315,000. Ecko products are available in over 5000 stores domestically and in over 45 countries internationally. In 2003 Ecko launched over 20 of its own retail stores across the country.