Pitti uomo Special Project

Tokyo Fashion Week in Italy

Produced by the Japan Fashion Week Organization

Palazzo Capponi all'Annunziata

At this edition Pitti Uomo will be hosting a special project produced by the Japan Fashion Week Organization - which is part of the “Cool Japan Strategy Promotion Program” implemented by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry - bringing some of the most interesting labels on the Japanese creative scene to Florence.

The Lyceum on the Fortezza grounds will showcase over 20 Japanese brands and designers – selected by Yuichi Yoshii, who has directed some of the most successful stores in Japan. “VERSUS TOKYO” will be the main event in the “Tokyo Fashion Week in Italy” project: a special selection of iconic garments from Yuichi Yoshij’s career and a tribute to Tokyo’s fashion scene, past and present. In addition there will be the special event “RADIO EVA”, showcasing the contemporary creative contaminations between Japanese animation and fashion, presented under the direction of the Tokyo brand FUGAHUM. And for the Pitti Uomo top buyers and guests, in the evening of 11th January there will be a “Japanese style” party in the venue of Palazzo Capponi all’Annunziata, celebrating the brands that will be here in Florence for this special project.