It’s time to make

Open only for fifteen days in an exclusive space downtown Florence

Temporary Store

Wendsday 9th
h. 6pm- 12am: new opening, fashion event
h. 6 - 8pm: Open Talk "The new storytelling of Makers" with Stefano Micelli, author of "Futuro Artigiano" (Marsilio ed.), talking about "The 3 trend B of craftmenship: Bikes, Bears and Bags"
h. 8pm - 12am: Fashion Show, cocktail, Dj Set.
The first Temporary Store of Artigiano Contemporaneo in collaboration with Opificio JM in the luxury streets of Florence. A space resulted from the desire to protect, promote, innovate and spread the culture and the passion for quality, manufacturing excellence and care, typical of the 'artisan' production. Combining the know-­‐how of our businesses with the international brand of Opificio JM. What emerges is a living space and sophisticated, inhabited by the things of Make. 22 craft companies of excellence: clothing, accessories, jewelry, design, furnishings, tailoring, weaving, lace, feathers, leather, in a space of 200 square meters, in a magnificent buliding of 5th century, set by the versatile designer Riccardo Rami, art director of Opificio JM. The store, furnished minimal and radical chic is enriched by the presence of some very important pieces of the Mirabili collection “Art of living” of Formitalia, with extraordinary creations by Carla Tolomeo and the collection "Mai sedersi sugli allori"

Artigiano Contemporaneo, a label created by CNA Toscana to promote  the fashion manufacturing industry, which is back for Pitti Uomo 83 with an even richer program: not only a big fashion event, but also a Temporary Store in  one of Florence’s luxury shopping streets, Via del Parione 30 red (at the corner of Via Tornabuoni). So, on January 9, the place to go to is Via del Parione where Avant Craft - it's time to Make will be held: an event including a fashion show and conference. From January 10 to 27, same place for the temporary store: opened with the cooperation of Opificio JM, the store is a 200-square-meter space with 9 windows offering tastings of typical Tuscan products, conferences, DJ-sets, manufacturing done on the spot and live music to bring more and more visitors to the Temporary Store.