Tuscan Leather for the shoes we love

You can recognize good shoes from the sole. There is only one natural, healthy, elegant and resistant material able to guarantee style and wearability to the shoes we wear: this is  the leather. The Tuscan tanneries are the heirs of the ancient tradition of leather processing techniques launch the logo “Leather of Tuscany” with the ambition to sign the only soles which can guarantee the high qualità standards and the comfort of the Made in Italy products.  The brand “in the heart of the shoes we love” is the synomym of value both for the most important fashion brands and for the consumers who are more and more quality conscious with regards to the products they wear. 

The new logo “Leather of Tuscany” will be presented for the first time at Pitti Uomo in a wall in the Make section, the new frontier of craftsmanship..