DECADES. A Century of Fashion

Palazzo Pucci

Cameron Silver runs the most glamorous boutique in Los Angeles where Hollywood’s elite searches the most refined couture dresses with a vintage taste. Cameron is an expert in selecting the chichest dresses of the past and give them a second life. ‘DECADES. A Century of Fashion’ is a book written by Cameron Silver edited by Bloomsbury which goes over one hundred years of fashion. 150 rare and unedited pictures, some of which date back to the beginning of XX century, are the jist of the most legendary fashion photographers. This book will show that the all-present Audrey Hepburn was not the only icon of the ‘50s fashion and that it was possibile to dress elegantly also in the ‘80s.

Cameron’s interesting comments on the XX century fashion are smart and funny at the same time. The Italian presentation of the book is hosted by Emilio Pucci in Palazzo Pucci on January 9.