La Gazzetta dell Sport at Pitti Uomo

Fortezza da Basso

The Gazzetta dello Sport is going to participate this year again in this edition of Pitti Uomo with the GazzaLook Lounge, a dedicated area where the real protagonists in the world of fashion can meet the that of sport, to which the Gazzetta is devoted, and a multimedia editorial platform that can provide the most effective communication opportunities, thanks to its being primarily  marketed to young men who see them represented by the strong feeling of passion –not necessarily for sport. This year the Gazzetta will approach  the world of arts and fashion ever more, thanks to its collaboration with Claudio Monnini, an Italian artist who comes from Milan and who has designed the external prospect of the GazzaLook Lounge, thus giving shape to a real work of art. As it has happened in the last edition of Pitti Uomo, there is going to be an on-line interactive competition to select the coolest items of this famous trade fair that takes place in Florence. The three most voted fashion items will win the GazzaLook Lettori award, while a jury of stylists will select 10 items that will be the winners of the GazzaLook Critica award. The winning brands will then display their items at the GazzaLook Lounge, when they will also be awarded.