Amazing linen

Discovering this charming textile fiber

Piazza Santa Maria Novella

    A linen field in the very heart of Florence: this is the magic scenery, designed by Hilton McConnico, which is going to be set up in Piazza Santa Maria Novella from Tuesday the 18th to Saturday the 22nd of June, in order to remind us to the fact that linen flax is not a sort of  exotic plant, since 85% of global production comes from Europe. This will also help us in understanding that this charming textile fiber is the only one in our continent to meet the needs of many sectors of application. A motorbike helmet, skis, a bicycle, a suitcase, surfboards, street lamps, a chair and, finally, sneakers and a sailor top. That is linen, skillfully and perfectly woven by European spinners, ready to be touched and discovered. A photographic exhibition by Sébastien Randé: some forty exclusive images that are going to show all the aspects of linen production.