Radio 24’s special project expected to be launched at Pitti Uomo, in cooperation with The Bridge

Sole 24 Ore’s men’s magazine IL present at Palazzo Antinori

Fortezza da Basso

The June 2013 issue of IL-intelligence in lifestyle, the men’s magazine by Sole 24 Ore dedicated to contemporary trends and lifestyle, is going to be a special dedicated tomenswear and Italian manufacturing companies. This IL’s issue is going to be presented in preview in the unique location of the beautiful Florence’s Palazzo Antinori, on the 17th of Italian fashion and wine products. Then, at the stand  of The Bridge, Radio 24 will be live recording the event, from the 18th talks with the public. For this occasion, Radio 24 will be live recording there many programs on its schedule:  “Essere e Benessere”(Being well-being) with Nicoletta Carbone, “Voi siete qui” (You are here) with Matteo Caccia, “Focus economia” (Focus on economics) with Sebastiano Barisoni, “Tutti convocati” (everybody called)  with Carlo Genta, “Si può fare” (we can do it) with Alessio Maurizi, “Melog-La realtà condivisa” (Melog- a shared reality) with Gianluca Nicoletti and “Il gastronauta” (the gastro-naut), with Davide Paolini.