STELLA JEAN debuts with her Homme collection as part of Pitti Italics at Pitti Uomo

Pitti Italics


The Italian-Haitian designer Stella Jean is set to debut with her first menswear collection, STELLA JEAN HOMME, as part of Pitti Italics during the upcoming Pitti Uomo shows.
The collection was created under the banner of the “Wax & Stripes Philosophy”, a strong cultural interlacing of the stylistic elements of far-off peoples, and western traditions. It will star in a special event to be held in Florence on Thursday 20 June 2013.
Stella Jean Homme is one of the labels featured in Pitti Italics, the project through which Pitti Immagine promotes and supports new-generation designers who design and manufacture fashion in Italy, while at the same time already demonstrating strong international appeal. 
“Stella Jean’s work is an unpredictable hybrid of craftsmanship and cosmopolitanism”, says Lapo Cianchi, Communication and Events Director for Pitti Immagine. “Her collections bring together worlds that are seemingly at opposite ends of the spectrum, such as the traditionally European striped shirts and the fabrics made in Burkina Faso, for a mutual exchange of moods and identities. Yet another example of how fashion can become the vehicle and cultural expression of an aesthetic, social and ethical project”. 
“I am honoured to take part in such an important event as Pitti Uomo”, says Stella Jean. “It’s a great opportunity, which brings with it a great responsibility too, namely being able to convey a message through fashion in such a high-profile national and international arena”. 

 The FONDAZIONE PITTI DISCOVERY projects have also been realized thanks to the contribution of the CENTRO DI FIRENZE PER LA MODA ITALIANA and PITTI IMMAGINE.