Reserved. Spring Summer 2015

The runway show event signed by Emiliano Rinaldi

Gairdino di Villa Vittoria

On the occasion of Pitti Uomo 86, Emiliano Rinaldi will bring its spring summer 2015 menswear collection "Reserved" to Florence, with a special runway-presentation on 18th June - from 4.00pm to 6.00pm - in the Giardino of Villa Vittoria.

Here what he said describing his collection:

"I push the shutters open and the room lls with light. I move towards the closet and gently brush my hand across the row of arranged clothes. I can feel the lightness of linen, the softness of cashmere and the cool of silk; my eyes drift over the pastel blues and pinks which turn to sharper blues and reds of Alcantara- I am wide awake now. I stand in front of the mirror and roll my sleeves with precision. Cotton can feel so clean on your skin. I rmly do up the last shirt button. Today I will be on my feet for a long time. It is my wrist that will lead me around the tables. Remember keep your back straight, but not rigid, the secret to posture is in the wrist. My vest is buttoned tight and I have checked that the shoulders are in place. I adjust my belt and let my trousers settle creating relaxed lines of delicate wool. My shoes are already waiting for me at the door. Every night I shine the leather and make sure the waxed laces don’t look so used. After my double- breasted jacket, they are always the last thing I put on. I want  to feel the terracotta beneath my feet until the end. While I put one drop of tourmaline on my neck and one on my left wrist, I wonder who I will meet today, what their facial expressions will be like, and how I will watch them disappear behind Palazzo Vecchio. One last glance in the mirror - I see myself and the image that will stay with me throughout the day.