And then, there is Napoli - E poi c'è Napoli

A movie about the originality of Neapolitan style and culture, covering tradition and the contemporary

Cinema Teatro Odeon

Directed by Gianluca Migliarotti, “E poi c’è Napoli” [And then there is Naples] is a journey through Neapolitan traditions and culture, that avoids the pitfalls and clichés of “postcard Naples”.

A story which, from an unusual standpoint, is also a tribute to a look that has become synonymous with masculine elegance everywhere. Images, dialogues, emotions, and personal stories present the city’s genuine atmosphere and colors that are too often hidden by the folkloristic images that have spread around the world.
The film presents a view of Naples from the sea – a view from a boat, a truly different vantage point – and guides the audience on a discovery tour of the tufo grottoes and the marvelous architecture of the Posillipo district that cannot be seen from the street. “Stolen” glimpses of daily life reveal stories of small, outstanding makers along with the rituals and customs so closely linked to a certain way of being, dressing and working.  
The tour is guided by some of the greatest names in Neapolitan culture, fashion, art, and film such as Raffaele La Capria, whose work was the inspiration for the entire concept of the film, and then Salvatore Ambrosi, Davide de Blasio of Tramontano, Hugo Jacomet, Maurizio Marinella of E.Marinella, Ciro and Maria Giovanna Paone di Kiton, Annalisa Calabrese of Calabrese dal 1924, Massimiliano and Giuseppe Attolini of Cesare Attolini, Gianluca and Enrico Isaia of Isaia, Mario Portolano and his sons, Salvatore Piccolo, Antonio Panico and Gennaro Formosa.
And the images themselves will present entrepreneurs and young craftsmen: thoughts, stories and gestures – symbolic testimonies of skills that can indeed be handed down to future generations with talent and dedication.
The première showing of “E poi c’è Napoli” will be at the Cinema Teatro Odeon, at 6:00 p.m., on 19 June, with a second showing at 9:00 p.m. 
Directed by - Gianluca Migliarotti
Produced by Kid Dandy
Director of Photography - Pierluigi Laffi
Director of Photography  - Daniele Vascelli
Edited by - Luca Trivulzio
Steady cam - Luigi Scotto 
Assistant director -  Daniele Belli 
Assistant cameraman - Valerio Volpe 
Sound engineer -Daniele Sosio 
Producer - Maria Raffaella Faggiano