Salvatore Ferragamo presents


A exhibition curated by Stefania Ricci and Sergio Risaliti

Museo Salvatore Ferragamo

We began walking on two feet at least six million years ago and immediately learned to put our weight on the arch of the foot. Salvatore Ferragamo devoted his life to the anatomical study of the foot and the plantar arch, considering architecture and engineering in his research, as his patents demonstrate. A celebration of walking, dancing barefoot or on tiptoe, crossing a tightrope, climbing a mountain, solemnly advancing and marching on command, meandering in search of oneself and rambling aimlessly are only a few of the themes explored in Museo Salvatore Ferragamo’s

newest exhibition, Equilibrium, curated by Stefania Ricci and Sergio Risaliti.
The exhibition compares exceptionally fine and meaningful works of art in various media – painting, sculpture, photography, video, film and printing – along with documentaries and historic records, archive images and a series of interviews with well-known people of our time: Wanda Ferragamo, James Ferragamo, Jerry Ferragamo, Reinhold Messner, Eleonora Abbagnato, Will Self, Cecil Balmond and Philippe Petit. The curators have selected artwork by Canova and Degas, Rodin and Bourdelle, Matisse and Picasso, Lipchitz and Severini, Klee and Calder.
Ancient bronze and marble sculptures of feet and dancing figures will be displayed alongside videos by Bill Viola and Marina Abramovic, the geometric balancing acts of Wassily Kandinsky juxtaposed with the threadlike structures of Fausto Melotti, Albrecht Dürer’s Fortuna shown next to Giulio Paolini’s tightrope walker, Nijinsky’s portraits set off against Isadora Duncan’s and Martha Graham’s work compared with that by Trisha Brown. Major international museums and a number of art galleries have participated in this project. The catalogue delves more deeply into the complexity and vastness of the themes explored and offers different perspectives, with contributions from historians and experts in the fields of art, film, dance, palaeontology and philosophy.
Opening on the occasion of Firenze Hometown of Fashion, 
on 18th June from 6.30 pm to 9 pm - upon invitation.

And after the exhibition at Piazza di Santa Trinita, the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo invites the Firenze Danza ballet company to celebrate the opening of EQUILIBRIUM, its latest exhibition, with a special preview of duets from “Carmen”, music by George Bizet and Rodion Shchedrin, directed and choreographed by Davide Bombana, debuting on June 20th at the Teatro della Pergola. Extraordinary performers include prima ballerinas Letizia Giuliani and Gisella Carmona Gálvez. Event open to the entire city.