Gucci participates at Firenze Hometown of Fashion

With the renovation of the historical Richard Ginori store in Florence

Richard Ginori

On the occasion of "Firenze Hometown of Fashion" Gucci plans a series of unique events at the Gucci Museum and the renovated Richard Ginori store in Florence, in homage to the more than 90 year period during which its name has been irrevocably bound to the city of Florence.

On 18 June the historical Richard Ginori store in via Rondinelli will be officially inaugurated after a thorough renovation; this is the first shop showcasing the historical Florence porcelain brand to be renovated since the acquisition by Gucci last year.
Through this event, Gucci confirms its inseparable link with the city of Florence, one which has endured for over 90 years. This link was created and has been nurtured and is now stronger than ever thanks to the skills and passion of the craftspeople and all the others who have worked with Gucci over the years. Nowadays, manufacturing for Gucci involves over 45,000 people – all based in Italy – of which over 7,000 in the Florence area in the leather sector alone.