Italian Fashions: faces and places - Le Italie della Moda. Menti e mani eccellenti

A series about the people who make Italian fashion what it is, a Sky Arte HD production, curated by Angelo Flaccavento

Palazzo Gondi

Le Italie della Moda. Mani e menti eccellenti” -“Outstanding Minds and Hands. The Many Faces of Italian Fashions” - is a documentary series produced by Sky Arte HD (Sky channels 120 and 400), directed by Francesco Imperato, and curated by Angelo Flaccavento.


The nine episode series of interviews, portraits and critical analyses will present a picture of the Sistema Moda Italia – the Italian fashion system – with its peculiarities and star players, its strategies, its strange alchemies and antithetic personalities. 

Individualistic, anarchic, lacking any natural aptitude for teamwork, not at all inclined to accept melting pot theories and extremely provincial-minded”, says Angelo Flaccavento, the project curator, “Italians are nonetheless the outstanding minds and hands of fashion: the system would collapse  without their essential and individual contributions, as it would be deprived of entrepreneurial visions, manufacturing and creative, by and large, visionary figures. Italy does not have just one face, but as many as the protagonists who populate it. From the importance of family business to the central role that the cradle of the province plays in the development of astounding ideas, fine threads connect the several stories without any real unity. Each Italian area is a case and a situation unto itself: and it is precisely their kaleidoscopic diversity that is the essence of authentic Italianity”. 
One of Sky Arte’s objectives is to explain Italian artistic excellence”, explains Roberto Pisoni, director of Sky Arte HD, “beyond the aesthetic and economic results, with the processes that produce all this beauty and quality. That is why we are interested in telling about the dedication, the creativity, the research, the inspiration and the craft work behind each and every garment and accessory that have made Italian fashion an international paradigm. So, together with Pitti Immagine, we decided to produce nine documentaries about the many faces of Italian fashion and from a different standpoint, forgetting about the seduction of glamour which up to now was the only face seen on TV and focusing instead on an all-round view, with a documentary slant that is consistent with our own style”.
Le Italie della Moda, a series that will be developed further, reflects the vital and viral nature of the Italian fashion system. Each, non-monographic episode, with its chorus of different voices, is produced with an awareness that some stories touch on different categories. It begins with one of Italy’s unique peculiarities, the craft industry, to then consider the importance of the materials, the value of craftsmanship, of the family and of the province to arrive at the system’s leading figures from the entrepreneurs to the designer-entrepreneurs, to the pure creatives be they the big names or the faces on the new Italian fashion scene. Understanding and portraying the many faces of Italy’s fashions only makes sense if we move away from established schemas. 

I progetti di Fondazione Pitti Discovery sono realizzati grazie al contributo del CENTRO DI FIRENZE PER LA MODA ITALIANA e di PITTI IMMAGINE