Susan Nevelson and the other “Women in the Spotlight in the Twentieth Century”

The exhibition inaugurated in the Palazzo Pitti Costume Gallery

Galleria del Costume di Palazzo Pitti

The Costume Gallery in Palazzo Pitti celebrated its 30th anniversary with inauguration of the exhibition “Women in the Spotlight in the Twentieth Century”

Showcasing fashion from the twentieth century, this display features clothes and accessories belonging to women who stood out in different areas during the 1900s and who continue to shine thanks to their creativity. They are icons of taste in their time, creators or extravagant interpreters of style.
On display are garments owned by Rosa Genoni, Donna Franca Florio, Maria Cumani, the muse of her husband Salvatore Quasimodo, tunics by Fortuny for Eleonora Duse and dresses by Antonella Cannavò Florio, while keen fashion collectors Anna Piaggi and Cecilia Matteucci Lavarini seem to share the same exuberance and eccentricity. Other items were worn by Anna Rontani, Patty Pravo and there is also bijoux owned by Flora Wiechmann Savioli and Angela Caputi
Distant in terms of style, shown nearby in adjacent rooms are articles by two female names behind imaginative textile creations, Susan Nevelson, designer for Ken Scott, and Lietta Cavalli. 
This tribute to Susan Nevelson for the first time celebrates her as the eclectic interpreter of the style of the American designer Ken Scott. At home in Florence and Scott’s artistic partner from 1962 until his death in 1991, Nevelson translated his vibrancy and charismatic personality into unique, painted, highly imaginative creations. Recognisable floral, psychedelic, colour-rich prints that helped to make Ken Scott stand out as a global lifestyle brand in clothing, foulards, luggage and home accessories. Nevelson and Scott shared a professional partnership and a mission, which saw this duo, together with other famous designers, as the stars of the emerging Italian fashion system in the seventies