Ponte Vecchio, lights and emotions

Ponte Vecchio

On the occasion of "Firenze Hometown of Fashion", Stefano Ricci will enhance Floence with the new lighting of Ponte Vecchio, celebrating this donation with a great water show on the Arno river.

The new lighting of Ponte Vecchio - which follows the donation of the lighting of the Loggia de' Lanzi, with which Stefano Ricci celebrated the 40th anniversary of his company, celebrated also with an unforgettable fashion parade in the unique venue of the Galleria degli Uffizi - will be the focus of the events scheduled on 16th June and will be enhance by a special guest, the Maestro Andrea Bocelli
The presence of Andrea Bocelli in Florence is provided by Stefano Ricci - the same day, in fact, Bocelli will held a concert at the New Opera House of Florence for the opening of "Firenze Hometown of Fashion".
To accompany the new lighting of Ponte Vecchio, a symbol of the city, there will be “Fous de Bassin”, the aquatic show on the Arno river realized - thanks to an important partnership that will be announced in the coming weeks - exclusively for Florence, by French artists "Ilotopie" who will involve the Florentines and International guests in a unique evening.