SuperDuper Hats, the Who Is On Next? Uomo 2013 winner is back in Florence.

With men's hats collection for the 2014-15 FW Season


Music composed by Ghiaccioli e Branzini
Vocals _Piero Giosuè
Model_Vito Infante
A performance that sees the hat used to narrate an instinctive quest for freedom. Inspiration is taken from the felt hats worn by Gandy dancers, the American railroad workers who would synchronise their work by singing, with carefully timed movements in a sort of collective dance.
The idea is to bring back the appeal of those hats with their worn look, faded by sun and work, but symbols of those unique songs of freedom
"The special event we are working on”, say SuperDuper Hats, “is a performance that will launch the second leg of our journey that consider the hat as the means for presenting instinctive research on freedom”.
Over the past several seasons, the Fondazione Pitti Discovery has been committed to creating opportunities for new fashion talents and for those who work with fashion’s materials combining them with other artistic and aesthetic experiences. SuperDuper Hats - the “child” of Matteo Gioli, Ilaria and Veronica Cornacchini - is the fruit of “ideas of the moment” combined with traditional workmanship, almost lost because of mass-produced goods. 

 The FONDAZIONE PITTI DISCOVERY projects have also been realized thanks to the contribution of the CENTRO DI FIRENZE PER LA MODA ITALIANA and PITTI IMMAGINE.