Vezzoli S/S

The art of Francesco Vezzoli will be shown in three historic Florentine museum-homes. A project curated by Francesco Bonami

On the occasion of Firenze Hometown of Fashion, during Pitti Uomo, works by Francesco Vezzoli will be shown for the first time in Florence in a special Fondazione Pitti Discovery project curated by Francesco Bonami.

Exhibition opening: Tuesday, 17 June, from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m.. The exhibition will be open until July 20.
Conceived as a tribute to Florence and its museums, Vezzoli Primavera-Estate will be a solo exhibition held in three “secret” places of Florentine culture: the Museo Bardini, Museo di Casa Martelli and the Museo Bellini. These three small jewels, museum-homes, that had belonged to noble families, great collectors and antiques dealers, are rarely included in visitor itineraries. 
The choice of these three museums was prompted by the artist’s desire to convey a sense of proximity and intimacy with the work of art to the viewer that is very different from the feelings that would be triggered in a monumental museum. Like other famous museum-homes, such as the Mario Praz home in Rome or the Soane Museum in London, the three in Florence – in addition to presenting a personal and “domestic” view of art that reflects the tastes of the people who lived in those rooms – lead to considerations on topics such as memory, the relationship with history, the antimony between public and private, all of which are crucial to the artist’s work.  
The exhibition itinerary winds its way through the three places creating a dialogue and comparison with what is already in the museums, where the contemporary works will relate with the space and the pieces in them, as a camouflage, to create multiple and different narrative and interpretative levels.
A series of Francesco Vezzoli’s works, including some new pieces created specifically for this project, will infiltrate each museum, as if they were “impertinent intruders”, stimulating the viewer to make comparisons with the existing collections. The result will be a creative construct and artistic camouflage: at first glance, his works will seem to have always been part of their surroundings. 
To mention a few of the artist’s forays: in the Museo Bardini’s Sala delle Madonne [Room of the Madonnas] – he will place his two Madonnas - Crying Portrait of Stephanie Seymour as a Renaissance Madonna with Holy Child and Crying Portrait of Christie Brinkley as a Renaissance Madonna With Holy Child amidst a group of stucco and terracotta pieces made by some of the most important fifteenth century Florentine workshops, from Donatello to Verrocchio. In the Sala De Chirico [De Chirico Room] in the Museo Bellini, the artist will hang two paintings inspired by the Italian master of metaphysical art, portraying Sophia Loren alongside of the genuine  Cavallo con cavaliere arabo, and in the Sala degli Arazzi [Room of the Tapestries] he will replace a late sixteenth-century piece from the Flemish school with his A Present for the Artist, dedicated to the artist Marina Abramovic. And then, in the chapel of the Museo di Casa Martelli that features Madonnas attributed to the school of Filippo Lippi, Vezzoli will exhibit his self-portrait entitled Self-Portrait As A Self Portrait (After Raffaello Sanzio).
Ever capable of dialoguing with the international art system while maintaining his Italian identity as a strong component of his work, with this project Francesco Vezzoli is paying tribute to our long tradition of collecting what is beautiful, and to our natural talent for enjoying beauty and elegance as a lifestyle.

I progetti di Fondazione Pitti Discovery sono realizzati grazie al contributo del CENTRO DI FIRENZE PER LA MODA ITALIANA e di PITTI IMMAGINE