Marco De Vincenzo
Womenswear Guest Designer

Teatro Niccolini

Marco De Vincenzo will be the Women’s Wear Guest Designer at this edition of Pitti Uomo (Florence, 12th-15th January 2016). Born in 1978, the young designer from Messina has been working with Fendi for over fifteen years and is now their leather goods head designer. He created his own brand in 2009 and in 2014 launched his joint venture with the LVMH group.
Marco De Vincenzo is one of the world’s best talents to come out of Italy in recent years. The styling of his women’s collections can be best described as a combination of contemporary vision and legible silhouettes highlighted by color. Pitti Immagine has decided to present his unique styling with a special performance on Thursday 14th January, in one of the city’s extraordinary sites, the Teatro Niccolini that is reopening after twenty years.
"I wanted to decontextualize my fashion by imagining it far from the catwalk shows which, in a certain sense is a form of routine”, says Marco De Vincenzo. “I believe that once in a while it is appropriate to unleash your aesthetic world and mix it with art. I hope that this project will reveal how important it is for me to surprise – and to surprise myself. I am Sicilian, I feel very Italian and I’ve been living in Rome for many years. I travel around Italy all the time, looking for places that can inspire me and Florence is a city that speaks a language very close to my own”.


Marco De Vincenzo was born in Messina in March 1978. After completing classical high-school at eighteen, he moved to Rome to continue his studies. His first job came when he was twenty-one, as an accessories designer in the Fendi style department, and today he is the firm’s head designer of leather goods. In 2009 he created his prêt-à-porter label, and debuted his first collection on 28th January during the Haute Couture Week. In July 2009, Franca Sozzani, editor-in-chief of Vogue Italia, awarded him the first place in “Who is On Next?” competition. His runway shows have been on the calendar of Milan Fashion Week since September 2009. In 2014 he entered into a joint venture with the LVMH group to further develop his brand. Marco’s background exerts an unexpected influence on his work: by dipping into early and modern/contemporary art he creates collections that speak to his inner contrasts between extravagant decorativeness and minimalism. His ideas are clear and innovative, precisely because of the inspiration that comes from countless cultural references. Marco has his own strong concepts of femininity – the collections are graphic, multidimensional and surreal, and his style is dominated by his unique way of using and manipulating his materials.