Pitti Immagine Uomo 89 presenta

Norwegian Rain x Grenson Shoes presents

"THE WATERPROOF SHOE”. Alternative Set

Central Pavillion Square

These shoes are made for walking, proclaimed Nancy Sinatra and Run Dmc made us walk this way. Fred tapped his shoes and sung his way through the rain-as you do. 
We will like to take it one step further and proclaim that our shoes are made for walking this way, dancing that way and any other way. And in the rain! 
Thanks to renowned shoemaker Grenson shoes, we can now present 
13 hours and still dry was the caption on the email we received from Tim Little of Grenson Shoes after we engaged with them in finding a solution to our quest for a 100% waterproof shoe. 
Weeks in, they found a solution which now extends beyond the initial 13hours.
We invite you to an informal music and dance session at Alternative Set. 
Harris ‘Rudeboy' Elliott has curated this fun loving presentation.