Pitti Immagine Uomo 89 presents


Alternative Set

Central Pavillion Square

"What do you mean", or, the art of Neapolitan gestures Naples, craftsmanship, creativity, know now, originality, modernity. What do these words have in common? Ulturale, the brand of neckties that is able to mix a unique product of excellence of Neapolitan sartorial tradition, and a contemporary and innovative style.

With the project, Ulturale applies the accent to its own roots and to the strong and special connection that this company has always had with the city of Naples and its culture, unique in all the world. A small compendium, a "user's manual" on how to interpret the thousand gestures, superstitious and not, of the rich Neapolitan vocabulary, an inexhaustible source of curiosity and history that has its roots in a distant past, yet so current.