Central Pavilion, Ground Floor, Stand K1-3/L1-2

Premiering at Pitti Uomo 91, the new Roy Roger’s + Liverano & Liverano Sartoria Florence project. Two historic companies, from different worlds, interact and compare their creative hallmarks to produce a pair of tailored jeans with handmade sophistication. The new Roy Roger’s + Liverano & Liverano jeans are the result of the blend of processes related to traditional tailoring, like that from Antonio Liverano, and that from Roy Roger’s, projected towards modernity and innovation.

Roy Roger’s is an Italian fashion brand from the Sevenbell group, produced by the Florence-based company Manifatture 7 Bell S.p.A., a pioneer in denim production from 1952 to the present day. The name Roy Roger’s has always been associated with jeans, and the product is visibly recognisable thanks to technical and style-related shrewdness, which have become veritable trademarks over time.
Liverano & Liverano is one of the last Florence-based tailoring shops, recognised as one of the most prestigious men’s tailor’s worldwide. The Liverano brothers began at a young age, working as assistants in tailoring workshops in Puglia, and in 1960 they decided to found their own company, “Liverano & Liverano”. The tailors are credited with having revolutionised what were considered the canons of the men’s jacket, bringing together a unique cut and fabrics.