Fondazione Pitti Immagine Discovery


On the Occasion of Pitti Uomo 93

Central Pavilion, Lower Floor, Spazio Carra

I was watching the white morning, it came slowly
The yellow moon has escaped
banishing the night birds
Autumn wind is singing like it may know everything

I roamed on my own for too long
Until the rocks of my pride crumbled
just to see it wasn't worth it after all
Now I understand, not even a bird can wander alone

Here under the pole star
There is that earthly home of mine
where we used to sing about life and forbidden love

If only others in the world knew what can exist under the sky...

Islands are hiding you, gulls are guarding you
Old boats are pulling me away
memories fail me

Remember, at least one more time
Remember, and find me
They lie when they say we don't love
our white heat our blue lines

When the winter covers everything
and the army suffering passes
You will know I am restless
You will know I call you

Do not worry, do not worry...


Words by Jasmin Islamović
Voice over by Ines Kalliala
Video by Chris Vidal Tenomaa
The most promising names on Finland’s new fashion scenario will be the stars of the Guest Nation project sponsored by the Fondazione Pitti Immagine Discovery during Pitti Immagine Uomo 93 (Florence, 9-12 January 2018). 
Eight Finnish brands and designers have been chosen to present their collections in the special area of the Spazio Carra (Main Pavilion – Lower Level) of the Fortezza da Basso, and also during an event in town during Pitti Uomo.
The names of the GUEST NATION FINLAND participants are: Mannisto (Julia Männistö), Vyner Articles, Nomen Nescio, Saint Vacant, Formal Friday (Teemu Muurimäki), Ikla Wright x Turo, Maria Korkeila x R-Collection,  and Rolf Ekroth.
The eight brands represent the most interesting and promising Finnish menswear brands. There are rewarded young designers graduated from Aalto University like Rolf Ekroth and Julia Männistö’s Mannisto label and more established brands like urban workwear brand Formal Friday, classic shoe brand Saint Vacant and minimalistic Nomen Nescio. The Finnish heritage brands Turo and R-Collection are showcasing collaborations with young designers. Turo will collaborate with a London based Finnish designer Ikla Wright. R-Collection will show in Pitti a capsule collection realised by an internationally renowed young designer Maria Korkeila. Finnish Heikki Salonen, launches his new men’s wear brand Vyner Articles in Pitti.