Camera di Commercio di Firenze

Pitti Uomo 93 will start with the opening ceremony at 10:30 a.m., on Tuesday, 9 January. This time, the ceremony will be held in the Camera di Commercio which is reopening after four and a half years of technical, structural, and functional renovations. 

The start  of Pitti Uomo 93 will also mark the opening of the Camera di Commercio di Firenze 4.0. The completely renovated premises offer 1,500 square meters dedicated to simplifying the needs of local businesses. New technologies, including the new MyCamera app, make it possible to access many services including booking any of the twenty suites that can be digitally customized for meetings, six workshop rooms, a 287-seat auditorium, the main hall that was once the seat of the Borsa Valori – the Florence stock market, and a terrace.
The nine-thousand square meter building, located between Piazza dei Giudici, Lungarno Diaz and Piazza Mentana – headquarters of Italy’s first chamber of commerce that was established by the grand duke Pietro Leopoldo on 1 February 1770 - has undergone a total refurbishment that took four and a half years.
Hydea Spa of Florence was in charge of the entire project – from preliminary designs to construction work, as well as artistic direction – that was completed in November 2017.
The project involved several sub-projects from the restoration of the old Borsa Valori  to the construction of the new auditorium, a restaurant and panoramic rooftop terraces .
The building stands on the site of the Wool Guild’s Medieval workshop designed by Arnolfo Di Cambio. Artifacts and structures, believed to have been lost in the fire that ravaged the building in 1853, were brought to light during the course of the renovation project. Now we can see the old dyeing vat and the furnace used for boiling wool. There are also three ceiling paintings by Galileo Chini on the ground floor. The project also made it possible to utilize previously unused spaces, and to wire the entire building with a high-performance data network under the floating floor so that the premises can be adapted to the changing needs of the organization and businesses.