the new book by Stefano Chiassai

Sala Riunioni Area Monumentale

Stefano Chiassai, fashion designer and creative director for international fashion brands, is an untiring collector of clothes and fashion-related materials, a passion that in almost forty years of career has allowed him to put together an archive made up of 15,000 pieces that include garments, accessories and fabrics, turning it into a place for experimentation and contamination of the past, present and future.

On Wednesday 13 June at 4.30 pm, (Area Monumentale della Fortezza Da Basso, first floor, meeting room) together with Corinna Chiassai and with the patronage of Nuova Libra Editrice, Stefano Chiassai will be presenting his second book RITMOEMOTIVO, EVERYTHING CHANGES a modern man’s wardrobe. This is a new chapter linked to a creative path in search of the perfect combination to create a series of timeless outfits, experimenting and contaminating eras, volumes and materials, mixed and matched together.

This new publication follows a series of travelling exhibitions linked to the designer’s book CAOSORDINATO (which was also presented at Pitti Uomo, in June 2016) and continues his project of study and content, showing how a series of outfits can become a real anthropological path. The aim is to raise awareness about the history, culture, tradition and innovation in the fashion universe.