Function and style

Fashion Talk with Yosuke Aizawa

The designer on which will be discussed soon in Europe

Design, function, and technology are the key words for White Mountaineering, the Japanese brand designed by Yosuke Aizawa which is presented by the Discovery Foundation for the first time at Pitti Uomo 83. Pitti Discovery’s task consists in spotting the most innovative phenomena of fashion which are linked to various experimentational languages. On January 10 White Montaineering makes its debut on the European scene with an original and powerful presentation of a man’s collection which skilfully mixes traditional with technical materials, design and a powerful character. Garments which can be worn everyday and which express Yosuke Aizawa’s sensations, a designer of whom Europe will talk much about. 

Why ‘White Mountaineering’?
Being “practical fashion” is what I care about importantly to create clothes. I am interested in the cloth that is practical to do something, for example, military or work clothes. I am not interested in impractical one. I put the `mountain` as meaning of practical outdoor wear into brand name. On the other hand, white is pure and does not relate nor belong to outdoor, fashion or anything. And also, when I flied over Tokyo by plane and overlooked the city, I could see the urban city with white color. That is where the name comes from. 

Research and contemporary experimentation are the essence of your work. Where do you find the main inspirations?
My inspiration is based on many kinds of outdoor wear and traditional styles. I create many kinds of textiles which I have special attachment to. I have been researching new way of using of textile. For example, wool fabric with waterproofing, it is really fascinating to mix different types of material and create new fabric. I consider what kind of technique and pattern cutting is suitable for the textile and for my clothes to harmonize technicality, practicability and fashionability together into my clothes.

Can you give us some news about your Pitti Uomo event?
I can't share much info yet, this time we want to make a show expressing our core brand concept.

What are the collection’s main trends?
Particularly, outdoor wear which could wear in urban city.

Have you been to Florence before? What are your favorite places and why?
I have been in Florence just once for checking the place for PITTI's event. I really loves European's townscape so I was deeply impressed by the city. I can't tell yet what is my favorite places. However, each time I go to a place for the first time I go jogging around. While I was running I felt that the nature and the town formed a beautiful harmony and was greatly impressed by that fact.

There has always been a relation between fashion and art. How would you
explain it and how does it influence your everyday life, both personal and
I have been reacting to art since I was in art university in Japan.  I feel there is a common point between art and fashion which is to mix the classical way of thinking and modern thinking to create something new.  I have experienced and seen many kinds of way of expression and the experience has really helped a lot on my work.