An important year

Fashion Talk with Andrea Pompilio

Pitti Italics at this edition of Pitti Uomo

In January 2012 he was sending his creations down the runway at Pitti Uomo as New Performer after having won the 2011 Who is on next? Uomo contest. In January 2013 he will be back in Florence for the opening of Pitti Italics with his fashion show at the Stazione Leopolda on January 9, where he will introduce his new men’s collection. 

Andrea, how did 2012 go?
The year evolved very positively after a good start with the fashion show at Pitti Uomo in January, the visibility and success I gained with buyers and press have grown exponentially. At the same time, I have increased my general knowledge of the field. The year has just flown by.  
Have you been affected by the global economic crisis?
No, not really. The brand is new and fast-growing. Had all this happened to me, say, two years ago, the growth might have been even faster, but I can’t complain, it’s useless to speculate. I’m very optimistic and excited about what’s going on. 
What markets have shown interest in your collections?
Mostly the Asian market: in order of importance, I would say Japan, China and Korea. Actually, the Italian market has shown interest too, probably because people are longing for new names, young designers, in spite of the economic crisis. In Italy, there are not many developments in the design field, everything goes slower than in the US, which come up with about ten new names every year.

Your “bond” with Pitti is stronger than ever: what does it mean to you?
I will never stop thanking the Pitti team for its help:  everyone, from Napoleone  down to all those who have worked with me on the organization of the events. Apart from what it means to me, Pitti is an absolutely irreplaceable event, being so internationally-oriented. This aspect is very important to me: my collection, although of Italian design, is targeted at an international clientele. That is why Pitti is my ideal stage.