SuperDuper Hats: Let's get to know the finalists of Who Is On Next? Uomo

Your first coup de foudre with fashion.
My passion for vintage clothing: all the details and the care with which garments, dresses and hats were finished in other eras. It’s hard to name one particular designer.

A phrase-quote-song to describe your style.
“Style is the physiognomy of the spirit” (Arthur Schopenhauer).
What is truly innovative today?
Simplicity. Our most innovative projects such as the Mercurial hat and the Hobo hats are innovative precisely because they start from a very simple idea.

A designer, artistic trend or person in your life that particularly influenced you, and why?
Giampiero Bellucci, an elderly Florentine carpenter who carves wooden shapes to make hats. He told us all the secrets of the trade and made his 50 years of experience available to us.

Shapes, colors and trends for spring/summer 2014.
Bold colours like olive green, and well-defined shapes. Elegance becomes lightness.