A magazine as a work of art Close Up and Private. The new project by Sergei Sviatchenko

In Pitti Uomo's New Beats pavilion the first issue of Close Up and Private Magazine 'The Yellow Issue' will be presented to the public. This project focuses on man's fashion and it is curated by the eclectict artist Sviatchenko, architect, photographer and blogger, in collaboration with Nello Russo, the Italian graphic designer.
How did the project of Close up and Private magazine start?
I started CUAP in April 2009 when I noticed the culture of blogging and I wanted to participate. I am not a writer and I'm too focused on myself to post the works of other people, so I came up with the idea to write something about man's fashion. I started with my own clothes, but I wanted to make the blog lively, as it happens when I see something in the street without looking at the face of the person who is wearing it. It is the same thing I do with my collages: all unnecessary parts are taken away.
Which is the main concept of the magazine and its mission statement?
The photographs I take for www.closeupandprivate.com
are suggestions rather than postulates. They tell about style and details, they do not linger on labels. I try to capture the “visual language of style”, which in my opinion is an aesthetic code which can be recognized by everybody in the broad contemporary fashion landscape. I would say that I work on “archetypes”. Nello Russo, who takes care of the graphics, understood me immediately: he interpreted my idea and produced a fantastic product.
How do you develop your projects?
I do not collaborate with any other professional. As an artist I am used to a lonely job. My kids are modeling for me and this is a nice way to spend some time together.
I am trying to create an aesthetic alternative to the fashion photography: pictures must express a sense of calmness and meditation, they must suggest rather than force.
Who is capturing your attention today and why?
For some years I have been following the work of two architects, Julien de Smedt and Bjarke Ingels, founders of PLOT, who have their own companies now and continue to impress the world with the realization of dreams.
How will the man of 2013 look like?
He is an happy man who yearns for knowledge, works hard and is very responsible. He wears a white shirt.
A playlist of the artists who changed your life?
The artists I loved are my father, Igor Stravinsky, Alexander Rodchenko, Konstantin Melnikov, Andrei Tarkovsky, Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Paul Newman, Richard Avedon, The Beatles, The Doors, , Le Corbusier, Helmut Newton, Charles Eames and many others.
Have you ever been to Florence?
No, this is my first time. I have studied and drawn Palazzo Pitti many years ago as a young architect - I must visit it now.

Look and buy the magazine at the New Beat(s) area and at the Fashion Room booth (Main Pavilion - Ground Floor - Polveriera side).