Pitti Uomo style pills: artisans 2.0

The new old: a dynamic mash-up of past and future, a crossroads of tradition and innovation. This is the soul of contemporary artisanship, one of the cornerstone drivers of today’s market. Collections of exclusive pieces, strictly handmade, some in limited editions, the point of arrival of the research and extraordinary manual skills of the new makers. Artisans capable of reworking heritage content with the modernity of a mindset based on the evolutions of taste and technology.

Fine exotic leathers, painted and hand cut, are used to make bags with cosmopolitan allure, cufflinks based on French manufacturing tradition become eccentric accessories for the new dandy, hats hand-made in laboratories with hundreds of years of experience behind them embrace the most innovative trends. Plus, techniques and traditional tailoring meet Japanese sensitivity in a line of cutting-edge outerwear garments, knitwear rediscovers jacquard patterns from the archive but is moulded around updated fits and becomes reversible, boots mix the highest Italian artisan knowhow and passion for Scandinavian design, hand-made details and sophisticated textures. 

A universe where slowness of creation and speed of thought at times coincide.