Herno meets Pierre-Louis Mascia

A new co-branding that results in a menswear and womenswear capsule

Herno, leader in luxury sportswear, meets Pierre-Louis Mascia, the great illustrator of prints and contemporary colour. In the AW 16-17 collection, the new co-branding results in a menswear and womenswear capsule collection that combines Herno’s master tailoring with Mascia’s visionary aesthetics. 

Innovative patterns and a daring use of colour are key in the collection. High-performance, windproof and rainproof materials, cushioned with a perfect fit, military-inspired jackets, reversible coats. The themes on which Mascia has developed its research: antique tartan patterns in a patchwork arrangement, Louise Bourgeois’ textile weaves, camouflage and pyjama stripes, ethnic weaves, the spirituality of mandalas, the figure of the metropolitan Sherpa.