Pitti Uomo 89: Generations of Makers and.... records! With 1219 exhibitors at this edition!

Every edition of Pitti Uomo is a magazine that takes shape, made up of content that must be laid out, with great care and continual research. Every season, we record and narrate a strong current trend, in order to talk about lifestyles in a way that is both light and ironic yet also reflects on what’s really going on. Our January cover features Pitti Generation(s): we are talking about how today’s fashion is dominated by the simultaneity of so many different generations, in ways of dressing and lifestyles. The fast pace of life today compresses time, and in fashion this phenomenon is even stronger. We live in a world where age is increasingly more a mental attitude than a number, with mature men in jeans and Tees and youngsters with Victorian-style beards and a passion for vintage. And not by chance is our main partner MINI.

We will be telling all this through the new teaser videos for the shows and through an original setting up at the Fortezza da Basso, where we find those who make fashion and take it into the future every day. 
Just like the “new makers” do, the new generation of artisans from all over the world, with their refined pieces, characterised by extreme attention to detail and traditional processes, but with a spirit finely tuned to the speed of today. They too, these artisans of the future, will be featured at this edition of Pitti Uomo, as the main players in the new course of “Make”, the section dedicated to fashion with a highly artisan content, which extends and changes look. With its feet firmly on the values of the past, but with its eyes looking towards new technologies and the years to come. A strong market impulse, which we see shared by all the companies today researching in fashion, many of which are our exhibitors at the Fortezza.
The special guests at this edition also shift nimbly between the concept of heritage and input on new scenarios. Like Korea, one of the most important, fast-growing markets for fashion today, which for the first time brings us our menswear guest at Pitti Uomo 89, Juun.J. Or the creativity of the new Italian fashion, which is proving to be a winner on international markets, and which finds in Marco De Vincenzo – our womenswear guest designer – one of its most successful talents. And the codes of tradition and innovation come together perfectly also in the choice of the Designer Project, starring a top player like adidas Originals, reworked by Yosuke Aizawa from White Mountaineering
Scouting for young designers and an opening up to the rest of the world: these two are cornerstone themes for the upcoming Pitti Uomo. Themes dear to us, which you will find in the choices of the two Pitti Italics” at this edition, Vittorio Branchizio and Federico Curradi, in the final event of the prestigious International Woolmark Prize, which brings to Florence the creativity of a series of designers from all over the world, and in the collaboration with ITC Ethical Fashion Initiative, which is back with the limelight firmly on talents made in Africa.

Happy reading and enjoy Pitti Uomo.
Raffaello Napoleone