The installation at Urban Panorama

On the occasion of Pitti Uomo 91, the Cyber Dancers installation will be set up within the Urban Panorama, curated by architect Nicolò Bernardini in collaboration with artist Antonio Massarutto.

Floating sculptures invade the aerial space like elements suspended between design and lighting. The common thread, in keeping with the theme of this edition of Pitti Immagine’s winter shows (#PittiDanceOff), are dance and the concept of the human body’s movement and its silhouette. 

Antonio Massarutto is an Italian sculptor and designer who lives and works in Tuscany. 
He set up his studio in Cortona in 2010, where he derives inspiration from the stunning landscape, animal nature, and the area’s rich artistic and cultural heritage. 
The pieces from his Cortona showroom are now a part of both public and private collections that have captured the attention of both those working in the industry and the general public as part of international exhibitions like Cortona On The Move, Artour-O London and Florence, White Night Art Fair in Bologna, Art Affordable in Milan, and A Moveable Feast in New York.