We collected many interesting contacts during the days at Pitti, we’ll have to see what comes of it. Certainly, for some time now Pitti has become another voice of communications rather than the occasion to stipulate contracts, but it is certainly an occasion that no one can afford to miss because it is a fundamental meeting place and, in particular, it is acknowledged to be the only fair of reference for men’s fashion. For our part, we are investing a lot of energy in PT05, our five pocket line, a project that is younger and still small, with great potential for growth. It was a great success here in Florence and we’re satisfied. With regard to markets, our focus is on the USA at this time, where we founded a company and opened a showroom in New York.
OLIVER SPENCER, CHIKY UBBY, European Sales Manager
Pitti for men is undoubtedly the most important fair and even if it ran at the same time as our runway show at the London Fashion Week, we didn’t renounce the opportunity to bring our collection here. We had a good stream of visitors during these days and the visitors themselves are more and more international. I think some of them preferred Florence to Paris this season for reasons of security. For our part, Pitti completes our presence in Europe. Alongside the showroom in Paris and the runway show in London, Florence allows us to cover the entire range of our customers.
We came back to Pitti this June after being absent since 2009. For our return, we wanted a space that allowed us to express the best of the identity of our brand and we finally succeeded for this edition. The feedback was absolutely positive for the number and quality of the visitors, but even more so for the interest expressed. We met buyers from Italy to Japan, who represent the core of our clientele. The Germans and the Americans were a welcome surprise.
Ninety percent of our production is for women, but considering that we have a project on the boards to expand products for men, Pitti was an appointment we didn’t want to miss. We had the possibility to meet customers with different characteristics than those we usually serve and this was a very positive thing, especially for the connections to large groups that could be one of the main steps for our expansion into the men’s segment. With regard to the markets, there was important growth, especially contacts with Asian buyers, in particular Japan, Hong Kong and China.
ETON, ERIK WILKINSON, Global sales director

Many visitors, above all from Asia. China and Mongolia, in particular, where our company has been doing great work in recent months. The real surprise, however, was Africa, where we received very interested customers, plus continental Europe and Italy too. We have been very satisfied with these Pitti days, especially for the new types of customers we met. We usually think of an event like Pitti in terms of traditional business. Quite to the contrary, we also had contacts from new forms of sales, Zalando just to mention one.