Is the eyewear space created in collaboration with MIDO, the leading international trade fair for the eyewear industry. On the Ground Floor of the Main Pavilion, dedicated to the best concept store, Eye Pop explores the connection between eyewear and fashion in terms of quality and design. Setting by Alessandro Moradei.


I nomi: Delirious, Clan, David Marc, Kymé, Spektre Sunglasses.  

Design eyewear made in Milan, 100% Italian made. Shade Goggles is a revolutionary project for its finishes and materials. The models, a fusion of shapes from the past and materials from the future, are divided into two categories. “The Classic”, where laser engraving creates an intricate frame on the lens and “The Modern”, models with a clean-cut style that stand out for the special sand-blasting along the upper edge of the lens. On both, aluminium temples decorated with geometric patterns, at times embellished with stingray or alligator skin.
Finlay & Co.
Since its foundation in 2012, Finlay & Co. has been a very successful eyewear brand, gaining fame with a range of sunglasses featuring special frames in hand-worked wood. With different veins and grain, each piece is unique. In time, other materials such as metal have been added, without the brand abandoning its icon style, however.  
“Glam, elegant and anarchic” is how Spektre describes itself, a brand of sunglasses set up in 2009 and based in Milan. It features a successful mix of elegance and street-style attitude. It then expanded its range of mountings and materials, like round metal and acetate, drawing on moods from the past for its design, reworked with a strong contemporary feel.