Giuseppe Zanotti Design @ Pitti Uomo 90

Man becomes an intrepid adventurer in the world of fashion and finds the secret of real truth in the courage to change. Unisex garments become an accepted, conscious milestone, key elements now to be worn without hesitation. Being daring is now acceptable: at work, on special occasions, at leisure.  The research carried out on the materials appears to be tireless. Uppers find new life in leathers and vintage, almost demodé processes, dressing up in colours and sporting details, or succumbing to unusual, unexpected combinations.

The true stars of the show are the decorations and applications. Such as the texture of the stones and rhinestone that breathe life into a crystal-embellished python pattern. Leather weaves frequently make an appearance on sandals, sneakers, loafers and in the jewel details of moccasins. Products made entirely by hand, raw and resistant, always trendy. The sandals and moccasins, designed for both day and evening wear, feature impressive, yet extra-light soles.