Absolute premiere

Hi Beauty

a new area featuring exclusive fragrances and cosmetic specialties

Is a brand new section ideally linked to the world of Pitti Fragranze, the Pitti Immagine fair-event dedicated to the best international artistic perfumery proposals at the Stazione Leopolda. Inside the Main Pavilion, HI Beauty will propose an exclusive selection of maisons and international brands with their personal and ambient fragrances, research into cosmetic specialties, body care and male grooming products. A sophisticated set design by Storage Associati.

The brands:  Chabaud Maison de Parfum, Essenzialmente Laura, Fueguia 1833, Maison Bereto - Fragranza in Arte , Miller et Bertaux, Morph Parfum, RPL Parfums. 

Chabaud Maison de Parfum
From Montpellier, Maison Chabaud presents "Eau de Source", a dreamlike, fragrant representation of the purity of water, the radiance of a reawakening and the effervescence of nature. The idea is that of a sunny Mediterranean land where both memories of the sea and those of inland with its natural springs are enhanced. The heart of this regeneration is an accord of ripe grapefruit and fresh mint together with geranium.
Essenzialmente Laura
Is the most intense, highly conceptual collection by Laura Bosetti Tonatto, the Italian “nose, who in 30 years has covered a unique path, climaxing in the fragrance commissioned by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This collection of 39 fragrances illustrates the deepest sense of her creativity. Her latest creations include “I Profumi della Bibbia” and “Le Lavande di Leonardo”, a special collection of fragrances made with lavender that symbolise three seasons in the life of Leonardo da Vinci.
Fueguia 1833
The vibrant essence of this Argentine brand founded by Julian Bedel is a tribute to history, art, music and South American flora and fauna. Since 2016, the brand has been offering exclusively limited edition series of perfumes, using the finest natural ingredients available. Each flacon is marked with the year and series number of the fragrance it contains. To accompany the fragrance collection, the Perfume Oils, made with organic jojoba oil, offer an alternative way to wear Fueguia 1833.
Maison Bereto - Fragranza in Arte
Presents its Design Candles collection: a resin ball that emanates the scent of freshly cut grass. The Art Candles line on the other hand consists of beautiful glass beakers made from bottles from the Colle Bereto wine cellars, engraved and finished by hand with unusual decorative designs. Then there’s the Essenza Toscana Maison Bereto: artefacts, fragrances, scented candles and accessories for the home. All inspired by the place, the countryside, and Tuscan nature and culture.
Miller et Bertaux
Are cosmopolitan nomads, and their journeys are recalled through their perfumes, with the scents of Mexican churches, incense smoke, roses in the ears of oriental men, petals fallen onto the red earth of the markets. Their Eau de Parfum and home fragrances are patchworks of souvenirs such as Study # 23 /newsletter: a perfume like a newsletter, sent from somewhere else – a nocturnal fragrance with a mix of perfumes: “flower petals, incense smoke. On the bodies and faces, orange, glutinous rice, saffron.”

RPL Parfums
A house that is the expression of Rupert Peter Landendinger’s own personal style code, combining the expertise and originality of the top French perfumers with the most precious natural resources and the authentic approach of the Arab countries in creating perfume. The style of this collection has placed RPL Parfums among the most sought-after perfumes in Scandinavia.