American Vintage Library

Liberty Fairs Collaborates with Alessandro Squarzi on a Vintage Retrospective of American Made Items

Pitti Immagine continues to partner with Liberty Fairs, the US trade fairs created by Sam Ben-Avraham.

In the Archivi at Fortezza da Basso, BORN IN THE USA by Liberty Fairs will showcase some of the most reputable brands born and made in the USA, a carefully vetted mix & match ranging from the traditional to the sporty.

Born in the USA is also the setting for the American Vintage Library, the special project curated by Liberty Fairs and by Alessandro Squarzi, fashion entrepreneur and collector, loved by international street style photographers. A selection of iconic garments and rare items Made in the USA, which come directly from Squarzi’s archives will be showcased.
The assortment will include items from iconic brands such as Levi’s, Vans, Filson and Hanes, along with military items from the US Navy, Air Force and Marines. The installation will be inspired from Squarzi’s archive that is a timeless space with a strong emotional impact. Squarzi has partnered with Raw Milan to provide furniture for the area.