“Mani di Storie”, the photographic exhibition at Pitti Uomo in celebration of the theme of Pitti Generation(s)

Twenty-one portraits illustrate passing time, age, genders and the different cultures that characterise today’s fashion. Twenty-one stories of men and women, young and old, fashion people and ordinary folk, told through their hands, a true art medium that represents entire generations, unfettered by any kind of space-time coordinate. 

A topical theme dear also to this edition of Pitti Uomo, which uses Pitti Generation(s), to tell of how the dominating concept in today’s fashion is the simultaneousness of lots of different generations, in ways of dressing and lifestyles. The fast pace of life today compresses time and in fashion this phenomenon is even stronger. 
Mani di Storie (Hands of Stories), this exhibition of photos by Claudio Bonoldi, on display in the Urban Panorama section and curated by the architect Niccolò Bernardini, is a  creative approach to the theme of generation that offers visitors different possible interpretations, allowing interrogation into the passing of time and life, without any prejudices.
Claudio Bonoldi is a Milanese photographer. Visionary and eclectic, his ironic, innovative perspective always manages to amaze. He is fascinated by research and new expression in artistic experimentation and has shown his works in international galleries in Milan, Rome, London, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Seoul and Shanghai.