Gruppo Mastrotto for Pitti Lucky Numbers

The lounge areas in front of the Main Pavilion, will be hosted by the Gruppo Mastrotto, the heritage tannery and one of the key players in the furnishing, footwear and leather goods industries. And like the lounges, the group’s area in the heart of the Main Pavilion will be dedicated to the season’s main theme with a specially designed setting that highlights the relationship between leather and numbers; the new seats evoke prize podiums.

But Mastrotto’s Lucky Numbers are also the expressive result of great work in terms of innovation for the production of leathers suitable for use in the leather goods, footwear, automotive and furniture industries, as well as for clothing, sailing and aviation, dynamic markets experiencing continuous growth, requiring ever-greater speed and flexibility from what is on offer, while maintaining a high qualitative value. These requests have resulted in Gruppo Mastrotto Express, a service of leathers for immediate delivery, making it possible to receive the selected products on a “just in time” basis, choosing from a range of over 1,000 colours. Only 48 hours are needed to process the order. The speed of Gruppo Mastrotto Express’s service is designed to keep pace with the rhythms governing the fashion and design industry and the ready-to-buy philosophy. Stylists, designers and big brands can then choose from the vast range of leathers on offer and order them, even in small quantities. More than 6,000 customers have chosen the Gruppo Mastrotto Express service, which also delivers across the world, so much so that to date, the service has reached more than 100 countries.