A talk with Sergio Pappalettera, creative director del digital art project ispirato a Pitti Lucky Numbers

Virtual countdown. Cinematographic aesthetics and video speed. From references to Max Headroom and the MTV “look”, the new digital art project from Pitti Uomo 90, inspired by the theme Pitti Lucky Numbers, is full of special effects and cinematographic technology which fully exalt the beauty of technique and of the digital medium.
The classic tradition of non-retouched imagery transforms into something scientific.
We asked Sergio Pappalettera, the creative director of this new digital project, to tell us something more. 
“Numbers as luck. Chance. A sequence of numbers which leads to the digital,” says Pappalettera. 
“The aesthetic of numbers becomes the aesthetic of the digital. Numbers become an entity that surpasses the concept of their individual symbols. Rather it becomes the basis of our reality. Like the world of the Matrix... 
For this project we have chosen the 8-ball, we have used evocative images, quotes and references to American pool. Also the Seven Dwarves… all of these are elements that pertain to a profoundly symbolic collective imagination.
There isn’t one frame that we didn’t elaborate digitally. We began with shots of real life, also thanks to photographer Toni Thoribert, and then we reconstructed everything digitally. Images of reality that are transformed into digital images, as though they were colourised and loaded with modern elements and new expressive language.”

Sergio Pappalettera

He founded Studio Prodesign Srl in 1984. From the very beginning he oriented the company’s activities towards the music industry, collaborating with the most well-known Italian artists and designing the covers for their albums. 
Over time he developed a study on the origins of symbols, which became an opportunity to create several works of art on panels which are on display at the Spazio Antologico (East End Studios) in Milan. 
Since 2003 he has been a professor of visual and graphic communication at various important Italian universities.
Awarded for his work in the graphics field and for numerous video installations, Pappalettera has exhibited his creations in some of the most important international galleries in the world. He has also presented various short films at festivals such as Locarno and Sundance.