The smart backpack by Piquadro

The computer backpacks from the Coleos Bagmotic series by Piquadro is the brand’s new bag automation project. A combination of design and function, the bag is produced in leather and an innovative knit technical textile, inspired by running shoes. It can communicate with your smarthphone thanks to a wireless powerbank that can charge the battery by contact and also connects, via Bluetooth, with the Connequ app created by Piquadro.

The geolocation device, integrated in the powerbank and connected to the Connequ app, can send a signal if the bag is stolen or if you have forgotten where you’ve left it. In addition, also via the Connequ app, with a simple touch of your smartwatch’s or your smartphone’s display, you can turn on lights that make the backpack visible at night and which make it the perfect accessory for anyone who rides their bicycle or scooter around the city.