Pitti Immagine Uomo 90
P1tt1 Lucky Numb3r5

The Numbers of Pitti Immagine Uomo 90
1,219 brands/collections at this edition,
including 536 brands/collections from abroad (44% of all exhibitors)   
Exhibition space
60,000 square metres 
15 sections exploring men’s fashion
_ Pitti Uomo, Make, Pop Up Stores, Eye Pop, Fashion At Work
_ Futuro Maschile, Touch!, l’Altro Uomo, Born in the USA, Unconventional, Open, The Latest Fashion Buzz
_ I Play, Urban Panorama, My Factory
30,000 visitors in all 
over 20,000 buyers attended last summer’s fair
including 8,200 from abroad (41% of all buyers) 
The main foreign markets represented: 
Germany, Japan, Spain, Great Britain, France, Netherlands, Turkey, China, Switzerland, United States, South Korea, Belgium, Austria, Russia, Sweden, Portugal, Greece, Denmark, Norway and Hong Kong.

PITTI LUCKY NUMBERS, the theme this year
With the theme for the June show being Pitti Lucky Numbers, Pitti Immagine is focusing on numbers: their aesthetics, graphics and symbolism both in and out of fashion. As numbers secretly surround us our entire lives, all of Fortezza da Basso will be theatrically decorated with numbers that Pitti Immagine will wittily reveal at Pitti Lucky Numbers, designed by Oliviero Baldini. Two major magazines will also present projects inspired by the show’s general theme with special installations at Fortezza da Basso: Rolling Stone has commissioned street artist Laurina Paperina to create a “Wall of Fame” of 90 lucky lottery numbers derived from the interpretation of dreams according to the traditional Neapolitan Smorfia, while Undici magazine will set up “Epic Numbers”, 11 massive sculptures dedicated to the jersey numbers of legendary players in European football history; moreover, Studio magazine with 4X4= 2016 will host four fashion journalists to discuss on the concept of “new classic”: their voices will feed in a large installation created by 4 young Italian artists.
The new digital art for the show’s advertising campaign applies motion design to the Pitti Lucky Numbers theme under the creative hand of Sergio Pappalettera and the direction of Ced Pakusevskij, with photography by Toni Thorimbert, production by HI Production and Max Brun’s supervision.