Safari Trend: an adventurous spirit and military chic inflections colour the new urban safari jackets

The world of the uniforms of yesteryear with its sartorial allure, the hues of a colonial palette and a touch of the exotic blend into men’s wardrobes for SS17

A contemporary twist for suggestions from the nautical and military world from Roy Roger’s: constructions, functional elements and camouflage patterns. All in a featherweight collection. The safari jacket is made from fleece with heat-sealed details; the Field Jacket in camouflage nylon has waxed treatments with a vintage flavour; the leather has camouflage prints on the Baracuta, the suede jacket becomes a lightweight jacket over a T-shirt. From Lardini, “Sahara city” is the collection’s symbolic garment: a blend of military and urban that offers an eclectic summary of the functional rigour of uniforms and new metropolitan elegance. “Sahara city” is a jacket/overcoat covered in canvas according to the rules of tailoring, made of a heavy basket weave cotton and silk fabric, an exclusive fibre, woven on 19th century British looms. Its formal version is the two-piece jacket and waistcoat with tie, worn over trousers that are fitted at the ankle. The safari jacket is also this season’s cult outerwear garment at Mitchumm Industries. A collection where the cotton shirts light up thanks to brightly hued prints, conjuring up the colours of the water, sky and sun. Those made from linen, soft Korean tunics, reveal the warm and neutral tones of the earth.
1st Pat-Rn, the brand by Cristiano Berto known for its tailored reinterpretations of uniforms, offers up a jigsaw puzzle of unaccompanied blazers, jackets and suits. Military chinos combined with shirts with thin stripes and a special series of natural coloured jackets, ecru and khaki, associated with garments featuring work- and military-based inspirations. And then we find Sage de Cret, a Japanese label for which sophisticated comfort suffused with nostalgia triumphs, featuring sartorial cuts and reprocessed raw materials with juxtaposed contrasting. The military and work ranges receive a breath of fresh air within a vision that leaves room for the personality of those wearing the garments. Old-style charm and an adventurous approach mingle in the new J-B-J capsule collection of Indian origin. Italian linens, silk and jute and a fresh blend of cotton and linen form the materials for shorts, shirts and T-shirts, decorated and hand-made. All in a strictly colonial palette: white, navy, sand, beige and brown.
Crossing wide open spaces, breathtaking scenery, national parks and nature reserves and reaching never-ending beaches. From Camp’s Bay beach to the city of Cape Town: French brand Eden Park heads off on a trip to South Africa. A collection that offers up apparent simplicity, impeccable cuts, and a style with a focus on the classic chic wardrobe of a man sensitive to the quality of materials. 
On the arm, there is no clashing from very distinctive accessories such as the tool bag from AFAR, the African collection of twisted canvas bags dyed using pigments extracted from the earth and zebu skin. A bag designed for those who like to travel well equipped: titanium buckles and rings, wood and carbon composite frames, twisted cotton canvas dyed with earth, vegetable-tanned zebu leather and three accompanying tool bags. Or, from South Korea, Jeff offers a line of handmade accessories bringing together a unique blend of design, authentic materials and the essentiality of function. Once again, the mood of the season here is military, on leather, canvas and denim bags with a unisex, worn style. Made to last over time and be pervaded by our personal history. 
Finally, the version from Manuel Ritz is a one-of-a-kind safari jacket and chooses green as its overarching colour. The Surfing Safari macro trend is expressed on linings and details, with all-over prints for outerwear, Bermuda shorts, shirts and shoes. Room for sportswear inspiration that mixes tailoring: jackets, parkas and single-tone trousers allow us to glimpse colourful interiors and details. Cult garments, the trousers/tracksuit ennobled by jersey fabrics and cool wool and the shirt jacket made from cotton, jersey and Japanese fabrics with a sponge effect on striped textures. A fresh style, getting ready to tackle summer safaris in the metropolis with new determination.