Luxury underground style in the limelight!

Celebrating luxury underground style, Unconventional represents an urban tribe accustomed to self-expression outside current conventions. In a mix of innovation, experimentation and anti-conformism, Unconventional will host a unique selection of international brands created for the most avant-garde concept stores. 
Exclusive collections with big personality will be shown in the Archivi, designed for the contemporary, gender-neutral wardrobe.

 Discover all the brands of the next edition!

Artselab - Character, personality and a rock soul are the must-have elements of this brand from the Marche. The stars of the collection are bold, avant-garde models in refined leathers and dark colours, for both him and her. The colours stay loyal to the brand’s DNA, black & white mixing harmoniously, with flashes of gold and silver teamed with python in natural shades. Alongside models with a futuristic feel, a range of sneakers with an essential, yet punchy, style.

BB by Bruno Bordese - A lover of research related to the past, this season, Bruno Bordese tackles the topic of “used jeans”. The idea is to give new life to jeans from all eras, jealously guarded in a warehouse. Each shoe is a unique piece, like the sneakers with asymmetrical cuts or the combination of old sailor fabrics with modern materials such as reflective aluminium fabric. An experiment that keeps the brand faithful to its 
DNA, between clubbing and darkness.
Domrebel Montréal – Since 2003, this Canadian label has used graphic art as an instrument of expression, to inspire people to do more with less, according to a logic that is eco-friendly as well as minimal. Creativity becomes contagious, on a series of menswear garments designed and made, like veritable artworks, by the hands of expert artisans in a workshop in Montréal.
Dream Yourself – Dream Yourself describes itself as a Contemporary Menswear Italian Label that speaks to all Dreamers. A concept with minimal eco-friendly design that blends the power of black with the comfortable fit of sportswear fibres. The new Visitors Dreamers collection focuses on the main garments from an Old School male wardrobe, with screen-printed jackets, “I’m a Dreamer” print Tees, the golden sweat, shorts and a new makeover for five-pocket jeans.  
Emanuele Bicocchi - Jewellery in a rock style, indicative of strong yet refined masculinity. Plaited bracelets, little ties and necklaces with crosses come in burnished sterling silver, teamed with top-quality leathers. Silver links, combined with slender strips of black leather, weave together in long necklaces with a deliberately unfinished look and bracelets that race sinuous geometrics. The rings are tiny sculptures, engraved with artisan skill.Celebrities who wear the jewels by this Tuscany-based designer include: Skin, Katy Perry and Natasha Poly.

Goti - The quality of the Tuscan jeweller’s production is given a cutting-edge slant. Alchemical and organic forms interpret the eclectic mix of materials such as leather, silver and other alloys in an unmistakable way. With a touch of mystery.
Ivano Triolo – Fine leathers, geometric lines and refined details bring alive sculptures for wearing. In the SS17 collection, jackets in lambskin and python feature alongside new outerwear in “vacuum” processed plongé leather, so light they can be worn without a lining. The shower-proof coating sprayed onto the outside makes these garments perfect even when it rains. Anorak, two-piece tracksuit and bomber jacket interpret a sporty, comfort-effect look. Black is used alongside a bottle green and the brightness of silver-laminated python.

Move – Officine del cappello
– Move came about from an idea from Massimiliano Amicucci and blends cinematographic and theatrical influences with contemporary stylistic experimentation. Move hats boast high-quality materials – completely natural – and are made by hand, with about 50 stages of processing per piece, according to the ancient traditions of the master hatmakers. And they stand out as unique accessories thanks to their fine details, and the dyes created by the same designer, as well as thanks to the use of printed images and stylistic ageing processes. 
Naomi Goodsir Parfums – The spirit of Naomi Goodsir Parfums follows the profile of the independent perfume houses. The noses that create her fragrances are talented perfumers, left free to express their art through the noblest raw materials, creating genuine “perfumed accessories”. Noses like Julien Rasquinet and Bertrand Duchaufour. The former is also the name behind one of her award-winning fragrances, the oriental floral Iris Cendré, which like all the others (Cuir Velours, Bois d’Ascèse and Or du Sérail) is produced and packaged artisanally close to Grasse, where Naomi lives and works. 

Overcome: Made in Italy menswear brand with a conceptual avant-garde vision, proposes for its Spring/Summer 2017, a collection with total looks characterized by strong lines and asymmetric shapes, disrupted by specific applications and special treatments aimed at evoking street art's current visual dialogue.
ROOMS by Lost and Found Ria Dunn - A brand known for the authenticity and linearity of its aesthetics, Lost and Found Ria Dunn presents its Rooms collection at Pitti Uomo. The cycle of life is continual food for thought, as is the contrast between nature and industrialisation and a search for new harmony in the recovery of original roots. Decisive silhouettes and strong proportions, deliberately imperfect melange textures, all interpreted in natural, eco-friendly materials.
Var/City - A collection consisting of garments on the border between high-end streetwear and classical tailoring, with a functional perspective, urban but mostly detail-oriented. Here, cotton, cotton/nylon blends, garment dyes and semi-permanent curls are mixed in innovative ways. A rich palette of influences from Dadaism, standing alongside special camouflage obtained thanks to excellent graphical processing.