A capsule collection for Bagutta
and Alessandro Squarzi

On one side we have one of those names who are a symbol of Made in Italy in the world, Bagutta, whose shirts since 1975 are synonymous with quality, as well as that good taste in dressing forever linked to Italian style. On the other, one of those characters who helped shaping the fashion of our years, because Alessandro Squarzi,  born in Forlì in 1965, is not just a fashion talent scout, a collector, an influencer, highly photographed by photographers outside the fashion shows, but  he also has an important showroom, that includes also some brands that he has created himself. And now these two names join for a special project, that will premiere at June 2017 Pitti edition: the capsule collection 'BAGUTTAalessandrosquarzi'. We interviewed Mario Stefano Maran, general manager of Bagutta, and Alessandro Squarzi, to find out something more about this collaboration.


How did this partnership begin?

Mario Stefano Maran: Projects often come about by chance, from people I may have known for years, through casual conversation where we discover we like the same things, share the same passions:<the love of beauty, attention to craftsmanship and style, rather than fashion.>
In effect, it is as though BAGUTTA has constructed Alessandro’s wardrobe of shirts, according to his ideas and his style.
Therefore, BAGUTTA is interpreting a part of the wardrobe for one of the truest and most original influencers of the moment with vast culture in product and an “eye popping” personal archive of over 8,000 pieces. A real brand with a real personality.
In your opinion, what are the characteristics that make Bagutta one of the most important Made in Italy brands?
Mario Stefano Maran: For many years BAGUTTA was synonymous with shirts. Today the brand has overhauled the formula that it presents to the market, re-utilizing all its skills, possibly unique in Italy, for transforming the tailored shirt into fashion! While keeping a careful eye on the demands of a market that is in constant and abrupt change, and that needs quality, service and innovation. 
Mr Squarzi, how did a business spirit become translated into something more creative? What tricks of the trade did you use in this partnership?
Alessandro Squarzi: My business spirit derives from my love for the clothing industry, which I have worked in now for over 30 years as a representative and show-room owner. At the same time, I have always cultivated my creative side, through consultancy and collaboration with design offices, but up until now, only ever for my own brands.
Today thanks to Mario Maran, I have the chance to work with a large group such as Bagutta, who have always been supporters of Made in Italy and Italian manufacture. All of this fills me with great pride.
In life, I have always liked a challenge and I believe that this partnership will be an enormous success!
How important is the Made in Italy concept in this historic moment? 
Mario Stefano Maran: Made in Italy? It is a principal feature of the new BAGUTTA project!
What is your link with Pitti? What is the importance of this trade fair today?
Mario Stefano Maran: I have a long-standing link; this is my fortieth Pitti!
It is the only truly important fair on the product/brand landscape for menswear.
It creates many opportunities for its exhibitors and today it's become an even more important event, given the swift and abrupt development of the “multibrand” distribution in emerging countries.
PITTI is irreplaceable! And it should never be moved from the noble setting that Florence provides.
Can you give us a sneak preview of what we might see at Pitti?
Mario Stefano Maran and Alessandro Squarzi: It’s a surprise. We’ll see you at PITTI!