the theme of the summer fairs

The vital energy and surprising beauty of flowers together form the inspiration for BOOM, PITTI BLOOMS, the main theme of the Pitti Immagine 2017 summer fairs. Flowers that bloom like new creative ideas: unlikely, effervescent, ironic, without bucolic references to nature or green ethics but rather in a joyful, colorful aesthetic as if they were computer icons. Huge, inflatable plastic flowers, gigantic sculptures, flying bouquets, or flower-shaped fans are the emblems of the many new ideas that are blossoming. BOOM, PITTI BLOOMS concept, layout and art direction by life-styler Sergio Colantuoni.

BOOM, PITTI BLOOMS presents the marvels of a fanciful world”, says Agostino Poletto, deputy general manager of Pitti Immagine, “where original patterns and contrasts – of colors, of full and empty -  cover facades, floors and spaces. Lively spirited textures will blossom on huge sails to invade the Fortezza brightening new lounge areas and new observation points with color. Patterns in motion will reverberate on special giveaways, objects, clothes created for this edition. The theme is also a metaphor for our fairs, of what fertile ground they are for new and often unusual creative expressions. It was no random decision that led to our choosing Alessandro Ripane, a young visionary illustrator who is devoted to superheroes, as the designer of the official BOOM, PITTI BLOOMS pattern”.

BOOM, PITTI BLOOMS is also being launched via the new digital art project accompanying the fairs’ advertising campaign, with its dreamy, lighthearted and funny interpretation of the theme that winks at new media communications. This high creative-content digital-social project is an Art + Vibes production; directed by Valentina Be; executive producer Max Brun; sound design by Lorenzo Confetta.


We wish to thank Api spa and Fiscatech for their contribution to the fair design.