Pitti Uomo 92: closing figures

The creative energy, stylistic innovations and overall quality of the proposals met with the favor of all the best national and international buyers at Pitti Immagine Uomo no. 92: the foreign figures confirm the excellent results recorded last June whilst there is a slight drop for Italy (due to the strikes in the transport sector) 19.400 buyers attended the trade show, over 30.000 visitors.

The big international and Italian buyers have elected Pitti Immagine Uomo as a global reference point due to its lifestyle dimension and quality scouting, once again concurring with the criteria of selection and segmentation for the fair adopted by Pitti Immagine’s marketing team which aims to present the most interesting new ideas – in terms of fashion and products – from the very best Italian and international companies that experiment with and innovate styles and materials. The undisputed prestige of the design and Made in Italy products, the comprehensiveness of the offering, the variety of the collections, the effervescence of the layouts and presentations, the international partnerships (see the Guest Nation Australia, Japan Fashion Week, Liberty projects) and the special events (the exhibition at Palazzo Pitti, the JW Anderson and Off-White catwalk shows, the accolades to the Italian designers Curradi and Alanui…), do the rest.
Scrolling through the list of buyers present we see all the most important department and specialty stores, specialist boutiques, high level chains and quality e-commerce firms with the widest distribution. For this reason there was a very positive atmosphere amongst the stands, in the corridors and at the social gatherings, a great consensus with regard to the fair and confidence in the consolidation of the recovery. 
In quantitative terms, a few hours after closing there were 19,400 registered buyers: foreign attendance was confirmed at the same levels as last June – with about 8.400 international buyers arrived in Florence - the figure for Italy dropped of 9% (the June 2016 edition had broken a ten year record!). The total number of visitors widely exceeded 30,000.
“With regard to the data for Italy,” says Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine, “the huge transport strike had a big effect on attendance both yesterday afternoon and today, as well as on the planning over the four days. It was a real shame. With regard to foreign attendance, we should highlight the positive results for Japan (+4%), Spain (+2%), The Netherlands (+3%), United States (+6%), South Korea (+5%), Russia (+10%), Northern and Eastern Europe, Australia (+9,5%), and Canada (+13%), compared with the essential stability of France, Turkey and Netherlands and the slight drop in Chinese, British and German attendance”. 
Here is the ranking of the countries attending: Germany (907 buyer), Japan (825), Spain (640), UK (507), The Netherlands (435), China (385), France (363), Switzerland (296), Turkey (369), USA (276), South Korea (241), Belgium (268), Russia (219) Austria (174), Portugal (148), Sweden (144), Greece (128), Denmark (116), Poland (96) and Canada (77).
“The buyers’ loyalty to Pitti Uomo,” continues Napoleone, “should be measured in the medium-long term: at the summer editions between 2009 and 2017, the foreign buyers rose from a little over 6,000 to around 8,000, a growth within which the various dynamics between the countries were intertwined.  Remember Russia’s boom fifteen years ago and its subsequent decline: now the number of Russian buyers is on the rise again… China seems to follow a seesaw trend, possibly because the market economy is heavily centralized and, therefore, it only takes a few directives to abruptly change the behavior of all the members of the trade.  The USA has got through its electoral year and started buying again, in northern Europe there is a greater desire for (Italian) fashion.  The United Kingdom is grappling with the post Brexit era, whilst with regard to Germany, the only regret is that internal consumption is still very far below its possibilities given the existing wealth… For Italy the swing effect has been more pronounced in these past few years but the fact worth noting is that attendance today is more or less the same as ten years ago.  How should we judge these results?  We have to think about what has happened in our distribution system: classic retail has narrowed greatly, internal consumption has remained stationary… a buyer on a big digital platform purchases a lot more than a little boutique can order, even if it is of high quality.  Basically these trends reflect the fair’s increasingly stable international leadership”.